Baby Cinema vs The GP

On Tuesday I was due to go to baby cinema in the morning. Darkest Hour was on so I was looking forward to that  - Florence and I used to got the cinema several times a month before Leo came along so it's really good that some cinema companies like Odeon and Showcase run baby cinema screening sessions.

Unfortunately, as we have come to learn over the past few months Leo had other ideas. At the moment he has cradle cap and has a really dry scalp, its been keeping him awake at night and he has been scratching like mad. One morning we woke up to find he had about eight or nine cuts on his head where he had obviously been itching. Since then he has been wearing scratch mits and has some special pyjamas that seal of the the hands. Its pretty heartbreaking to see him scratch so much, it must be really uncomfortable. 

But on the morning we were supposed to go to the cinema he was scratching like nothing we had seen before. His scalp looked awful the cradle cap was scaly and oily but the rest of his scalp was dry and crusty. He had also developed another rash on his body. It didn’t look too worrying but I thought it best to make an appointment with our GP. Fortunately we were able to get an appointment for that morning but it meant tat we would miss the cinema - Leo’s health comes first no matter how much I may want to see a film. 

I went with my mum which I originally thought was a bit pathetic. I am a grown up, supposed to be responsible for a tiny person so surely I should be able to take my son to the GP’s on my own. But I am glad that I did have my mum there. Things will obviously change as Leo gets older but when we were in the consultation room the GP asked all the questions and then gave her diagnosis, (a mild infection on his scalp, probably caused by all the scratching, the other rash could have been caused by too much bathing, changes to washing or any changes to his routine), her prescription (hydrocortisone and fugicin) and advice for Leo (don’t use soap, bubble bath or shampoo, babies don’t actually get that dirty and the best thing to do is to moisturise with aveeno baby cream and then rub the steroid creams onto that). However during all this Leo was wriggling around and I had to undress and dress him so I wasn’t always able to fully concentrate on what the GP was saying. Mum however, was. So even though I was politely nodding along hearing about 50% of what she was saying I was missing an awful lot. So when we left I had to double check on all the advice we got. 

She also gave us the address of a really good website; which provides advice about particularly medical conditions. It is a really good website and one that could be useful so I’ve linked to it here. 

If I’m being honest, I’ve always tried to ensure Florence takes the lead when it comes to Leo’s health, so this visit really was outside of my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, we go as a family to get Leo’s immunisations done - another heartbreaking encounter but one that is so, so important. But, for some reason I’ve never felt entirely comfortable going on my own. Maybe that’s why I wanted my mum to come with me. It could just be a ‘man thing’. 

Men are notoriously bad at going to the Doctors and until I met Florence I was one of them. However, Florence works in a health/science background so she is really keen that I go for check ups when something isn’t right. So I’ve got used to going to the Doctors and being prodded and poked but I still don’t feel comfortable with it. With Leo it has to be different though and any preconception I have about Doctors needs be put aside. I’m the one on leave now so its my job to make the appointment and get Leo the help he needs. Things are changing though, I’m not as averse to going to the doctors as my dad and hopefully i future Leo won’t have the same hang-ups I have. If that is the case then we’ll all be a-lot healthier!

A note on Baby Cinema: Even though I missed baby cinema on Tuesday I went on Thursday to a different cinema and saw Black Panther. Aside from the fact that its a great film (I do love Marvel films) Baby Cinema is a fantastic invention. Low light, low volume, and a cinema which is mostly empty bar around 20-30 families (at my local cinema) creates a really comfortable environment for you to enjoy a film whilst looking after the baby. Not only that, but cinemas are very modern businesses so you can always rely on them to have decent baby change facilities and supportive helpful staff on hand to help with any queries. With us, the film was a little loud to begin with so we asked them to turn it down which they duly did. 

During the film Leo kicked off so I just bounced him up and down an empty aisle. It was good for Leo and quite liberating, I’ve never walked around a cinema screen that much before! So as a new dad, I must tip my hat to Odeon and Showcase for their baby cinema screenings in Coventry and Warwickshire - we just need the Cineworld at Resortworld in Birmingham to join them now!

David & George