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Hi, I'm Damian Gannon & this blog is about my experiences of Shared Parental Leave.




Thanks for having a read of my blog. My name is Damian Gannon and this blog is about my experiences of Shared Parental Leave with my son Leo as my wife, Florence, returns to work. Before I started leave in March 2018 I was shocked to hear that only 2% of men take Shared Parental Leave. I want to use this blog to try and bust a few myths about leave and to show others that Shared Parental Leave is a great opportunity for parents to work out what works best for their families and their careers. Parents have the freedom so now let’s use it! 

Why Centrist Dad? Although I am on leave, my day job is as a researcher for a Member of Parliament, I am also a local Councillor for the Labour Party in the Midlands. As you might be able to tell from the title of my blog when it comes to my political views I am pretty moderate. I love politics, I understand local and central government (degrees in Politics and Public Policy help with that) although I’m not massively preachy about my political views. I’ll probably post a few posts about current affairs where its relevant but I’ll try keep things more about Parental Leave than politics! 

Although not a popular view within the Labour Party at the moment, I’m not the biggest fan of Jeremy Corbyn, I think his style of politics can serve to put people off, particularly if you have a look at the people he surrounds himself with. My view is that the public don’t want or need an ideologue in charge of the country they just want someone who will give them a helping hand when they need it but otherwise stay out of their way. That said, I was a big fan of the Labour Party Manifesto in 2017 but the Party does need to acknowledge that whilst it energised core supporters the party did not win, so we do need to change further to appeal to the values of people who did not vote Labour. 

Anyway enough of politics… 

In my spare time I love photography (feel free to have a look at my Instagram account @damiangannon), I also love good food and great days out in the countryside. I hope to make the most of my leave by going out to family friendly places making the most of my time with Leo so I’ll be sure to review where I go from my perspective as a new dad. I’m still a bit of a newbie when it comes to taking children/babies out so, no doubt I’ll make a few mistakes over the next few months and I’ll be honest with you all about them.

Ever since Leeds Utd were relegated from the Premiership I’ve lost pretty much all my interest in sport. I don’t like going to the pub to watch it, I hate the idea of going to see sport live – I just find it boring, and cold. However, I do enjoy horse racing and I am lucky have a racecourse not too far away so I want to use the leave to go to the races as I think that should be good fun.

I love reading about finances and getting a good deal. I’m an avid reader of ‘money savings expert’ website and I’m a member of Which? Because of this I think when it comes to home improvement, big buys and generally getting a good deal I know what I’m doing and if I don’t – I do my research. Family finances are so important these days so if I think of any decent hints and tips I’ll be sure to write about them on here. 

And that is me!

If you want to work with me to co-write a blog, review a product or service I would be happy to. I have experience of working with tv, radio and online media so please do get in touch!



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